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Student and Committer for COBOL Programming Course.
IBM zSystems Champion 2022 and Open Mainframe Ambassador.

Interested in learning about mainframes? Check out!

Toots are my own. Server running GoToSocial, which is still in alpha and missing some features.

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Hartanto @hartanto
Nov 18, 09:06

Some time ago, I found that IBM Redbooks maintained a dictionary of mainframe jargon that mainframers used.

After learning about the number of acronyms on the #mainframe, I certainly wished I had found that earlier. And, from what I can see, not many people know that the dictionary existed too.

In any case, I gathered a collection of resources that may help you learn more about mainframes. Check it out at

Nov 18, 2022, 09:06
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Hartanto @hartanto
Nov 07, 23:14

Finally got a chance to self-host a GoToSocial instance! Everything looks good so far. So, hello world?

Nov 07, 2022, 23:14
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